How To Apply to Ninja Theory

When applying for a role at Ninja Theory we want to see:

  • Your CV
  • A covering letter, explaining why you want to be our next Ninja
  • Your Ninja Theory Application Form
  • Your show reel or portfolio, if applicable

Our top tips for applying:

  • We prefer CVs that are short and succinct – ideally no more than two pages. We want to see your qualifications, any relevant experience and your love of games.
  • We also prefer covering letters to be concise. The types of things we’re looking for here is more detail on all the exciting things you’ve done that are relevant to the role, and the steps you’ve taken to develop your knowledge and abilities.
  • As a VISA sponsor we have a legal obligation to collate information from all candidates; so please do send through your Ninja Theory Application Form. Unfortunately, we’re not able to accept applications without this.
  • We often ask to see examples of work through a showreel or portfolio. We recommend showing your best work, we’d much rather see a few high-quality pieces over a portfolio of everything you’ve ever made. Similarly, we’d prefer to see portfolios around the 2-minute mark, with strong pieces and varied content.
  • When hiring we tend to look for people who are adaptable, flexible, and have a range of skills, experience and styles. If you’re an artist show us your sketch books as well as your 3D models. Or if you’re a programmer tell us about the variety of projects you’ve worked on, or any projects you do in your spare time.

A game figure wielding a two handed weapon over his head

How to apply:

  • If you are applying through an open vacancy on the website, please fill in your personal details and upload your CV and covering letter.
  • If you are submitting a speculative application, please send us your CV, application form and covering letter to

If you have any queries before applying please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the email address above or connect with us on our LinkedIn, Facebook  or Twitter pages.

For information about how we store and process your application and personal data, please see our Candidate Privacy policy.