Getting into the Games Industry

Here at Ninja Theory, we’re passionate and enthusiastic about games, and expect our applicants to share and demonstrate their passion throughout their applications. We generally advise applicants to show that they are practical, interested and passionate about the gaming industry alongside having a strong ability and a good technical understanding in their chosen discipline.Employees hanging out in the break room

We look for candidates who recognise the importance of experience, which has been gained alongside more formal education and work placements. The more things prospective candidates can do to show they have a serious passion for games, the better. Getting involved with indie projects and Smartphone titles allows you to demonstrate your skills in a practical manner and can give you vital experience working with a team, as well as other disciplines. You can gain additional experience by using one of the freely available engines and editors, such as UDK or Unity. Being able to demonstrate this experience in your application will put you at an advantage. Being involved in anything which has been successfully shipped would be a massive advantage in such a competitive environment.

We would also recommend getting your name known as widely as possible. There are lots of ways you can do this for example attending games conferences such as GDC, the Eurogamer Expo and the annual Develop Conference. These are places where you can meet professionals, put a face to a name and get your questions answered.

You could also join industry mailing lists as they are a good source of information and can provide useful links to industry professionals. Many other useful resources can be found on LinkedIn so we would recommend you create yourself a profile, have a look at the groups and get involved.