When there is no justice, there can only be vengeance!

Fightback – Official Gameplay Trailer (HD)

Thugs have kidnapped your sister but they’ve picked on the wrong guy. It’s time to Fightback! Pummel your way through floor upon floor of goons to ascend the towers of this corrupt city. Can you make it in time to rescue your sister?

The next generation of mobile fighters. Three Fightback characters fight in an arcadeTake Back Control
Punch, kick, and combo your way through this rotten city using Fightback’s revolutionary gesture-based touchscreen controls. Just tap and swipe. No joysticks or d-pads in sight – this is mobile fighting done right!

Take revenge with all guns blazing. A Fightback character fires a huge weapon resting on his shoulder in a room with computer equipmentTake Back the City
Scale each skyscraper one floor at a time. Immerse yourself in Fightback’s 80’s action movie style by knocking out baseball bat-wielding punks and psychotic quarterbacks in bowling alleys, amusement arcades, research labs, and electronics stores.

Master all the moves. A Fightback character kicks another in a giant room while a third moves toward them.

Take Back in Style
Upgrade your ass-kicking arsenal with stat-boosting vests and tattoos. When flying fists and feet won’t do, bring out the big guns! Unload dual pistols, pump-action shotguns, explosive bazookas and mini guns that’ll tear these punks to shreds!

Kick Ass in endless and story modes, two Fightback characters fight on the street while a third approaches with a baseball bat

Fight All Night

Play Endless Mode to fill up your bank account. Take on waves of thugs for as long as you can last! Compete against your Facebook friends to determine who is the ass-kicking champion.

Game Features:

• Over 100 levels of floor-to-floor fisticuffs!
• A new mobile experience from console developer Ninja Theory
• Punch, kick, and combo using revolutionary touch controls
• Kit out your character with vests, tattoos, guns, and more
• Stunning high-quality 3D visuals powered by Unity