Heavenly Sword

Heavenly SwordHeavenly Sword follows the story of Nariko, a doomed heroine out to avenge her people, a warrior clan almost destroyed by the tyrant King Bohan. Had Nariko been born male, she would have fulfilled the prophecy that a Heavenly warrior would lead the clan to a glorious future. Nonetheless, Shen, her father, raised her to know the skills of warfare, imparting to her the arts and mindset of the warrior.

When her father is captured by Bohan, Nariko is left with only one choice -- to take up the Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword Saviour Trailer

A game character looking up toward the sunThe sword is the clan’s greatest and most guarded treasure -- a hugely powerful weapon that gives the person who carries it the power to scatter foes and defeat armies. However, it was meant to be carried by a deity; its power drains the life out of any mortal who wields it. In taking up the sword to rescue her father and save the last remnants of her clan, Nariko has sealed her fate.

Heavenly Sword is available now for Playstation3.

A female game character holds onto another's arm as they walk A scene from Heavenly Sword game where two characters face each other, one wearing armor and holding a weapon A character from Heavenly Sword holding a large sword